Alyssa Arce – Spectacular Breasts

Gentlemen, start your engines for Alyssa Arcè, our Miss July 2013. Part Hispanic – Honduran, to be exact – Alyssa’s sex appeal is made up of doe eyes, pouted lips, and a truly spectacular set of natural breasts. Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Alyssa is barely older than twenty, but wise beyond her years. “I’m a tomboy,” she says. “I love cars and four-wheelers. In my life, I’m looking for a way to combine kids, traveling and fashion!” Alyssa is a successful model – represented by top agencies like Wilhelmina and Ford, she’s done it all, from runway to editorial – and her star rises ever higher with a spread and centerfold for Playboy.

“I’m officially a Playmate,” she says with an irrepressible grin. “Throughout my career, my friends have asked, ‘Why haven’t you done Playboy?’” Now here I am!” As the saying goes, when you wish upon a star… Alyssa is as bright a star as they come, and we’re confident that anything her heart desires – on top of a Playmate feature, of course – will come to her. When it comes to men, Alyssa’s got a need for speed – she’s looking for a stylish bad boy to give her that special adrenaline rush. A few tattoos wouldn’t hurt, either. “I don’t try to be, but people say I’m a funny girl,” says Alyssa. “I love to banter, so don’t be too sensitive!” As you wish, Miss Arcè.