Ashley Nash

Ashley Nash’s vibrant energy is infectious. A model, actress, and voice-over artist, Ashely comes to Playboy from San Carlos, California, and is currently based in Los Angeles. “The air is clean, the trees are vast, and the people are incredibly kind,” she says of her hometown. “I think I most love how peaceful it is.” Friendly, funny, and kind, Ashley is quick to get a laugh out of anyone she crosses paths with. “I think humor is a huge part of what makes me, ‘me,’” she says. “I have a very dry, witty, and sarcastic sense of humor, and making people laugh is a serious joy for me.” Ashley first discovered Playboy at a young age. “I think once I was aware of who Pamela Anderson was — I was aware of Playboy. She’s an icon,” she says of her first encounter with the brand. Now, Ashley is glad to be a part of it, too. “I think Playboy is great in that it is constantly evolving. To me, it’s celebrating women of all shapes and sizes,” she says. “I feel very proud to be a part of Playboy.” When she’s not working, you can usually find Ashley unwinding, keeping fit, or eating something delicious.

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