Aubrey Destremps

Get to know Aubrey Destremps, a model and multimedia artist from Westport, Massachusetts. Currently based in Los Angeles, Aubrey spends her time either in front of the camera or in the studio. “My passion is creating a positive impact on the people around me,” she says. “As a tattoo and makeup artist, it is still the most rewarding feeling making someone feel good about themselves.” For Aubrey, it’s essential to stay true to herself. “I have always had a strong personality and have never held back on being myself,” she shares. “I’m very expressive of my feelings. I think that’s also what makes me the great artist I am.” We met Aubrey recently and asked her to do a Halloween-themed shoot for us. “This experience has been very exciting and positive for me,” she says. “I’m so happy to have entered the Playboy family. I can’t wait to see where this first shoot takes me!” When it comes to posing nude, Aubrey feels good about it and hopes to set a positive example for others. “When I was a younger model, it used to freak me out,” she laughs. “But now, I have grown to learn that I can make my own choices and display my body how I choose. Posing nude isn’t intimidating when you can do it in the right creative environment.”

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