Elizabeth Elam – The Ultimate Girl Next Door

“Naked really is normal,” says Elizabeth Elam, our Miss March 2017 after looking at her Playboy cover. This saying is something very important to Elizabeth. “I’m so excited to be on the cover of this specific issue,” she tells us. “Women’s bodies have always been a topic of conversation. We can be over sexualized…I’ve never subscribed to those narratives and this issue of Playboy celebrates that.” Showing her fans what normal really is to her, this Southern-raised Playmate is more than comfortable in front of the photographer, Gavin Bond’s camera for her spread. She’s seen here in very little, proudly displaying her all natural figure.

“Feeling secure makes me feel sexy,” she tells us. “I feel sexy post-shower or in a t-shirt and underwear on the couch, watching Netflix. It’s an inner feeling. It’s all about being confident and comfortable — that when you’re sexiest,” she adds thoughtfully. The 25-year-old beauty currently lives in LA and she told us her what her perfect day looks like when she’s not modeling. “I love beach days,” she begins. “I’ll go to the beach around 11 a.m.—no need to wake up too early—come home, chill, do the whole getting-ready ritual. Then I’ll meet up with friends at a bar. You know those nights that start out as nothing and then you end up staying out till four in the morning? Those are the best,” she says. Learn more about the lovely Miss March 2017, Elizabeth Elam, now here, on Playboy Plus!