Emily Agnes – A Mind-Bending Body

With her calm, can-do attitude, not to mention a mind-bending body, Emily Agnes is a real Jane of all trades, and even with all the attention she’s getting in America, she’s maintaining a cool and typically English head. “I loved every minute I spent at the Playboy Mansion,” she says. “I was supposed to stay for a week, and I ended up staying a month! So far, my Playmate experience has been a dream come true. Being here is bigger than I could dream.” When it comes to men, Emily is just as much her own woman. “In a man, I look for confidence and a sense of personal style,” she says. “I don’t care what his style is, as long as it’s his own. Men in suits are great, but I have a secret thing for workmen – I love a lad who’s rough and ready!” With her photos shared all over the internet – and her brand-new Centerfold in Playboy magazine – our Miss July is certainly one to watch. “Now that I’m a Playmate, my life is going to change,” she says. “It really puts you out there, so I’m hoping to build on that – model, act and travel the world. That’s my dream!”