Katerina Giannoglou: Adventurous Soul


Katerina Giannoglou

We can’t get enough of gorgeous International Playmate, Katerina Giannoglou. That’s why we’re bringing you two different sets of her stunning shoot in Cape Town as Miss May 2018 for Playboy Germany. A total nature lover, this lovely lady is totally in her element on set with the photographer, Katarina Hildebrand. “I was born in Erlangen and grew up very sheltered – with meadows and woods right on my doorstep,” she says. “When I was a kid, I preferred to go outside and get out into nature,” she adds. Flip through Katerina’s gorgeous photos as she basks in the glory of the great outdoors in a hat, cowboy boots, and even a furry friend or two. Also a lover of animals, Katerina is an adventurous soul who identifies with the freeness of birds. “My absolute spirit animal is the eagle,” she tells us. “Eagles are very freedom-loving and often travel alone – that’s how I am too.”

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