Johanne Landbo

Meet the lovely, Johanne Landbo. Equal parts, elegant and sexy, this gorgeous model is a true classic beauty. Coming to Playboy Plus from Denmark, Johanne has been modeling professionally since the age of 18, and is thrilled to be featured on Playboy Plus. Now 26-years-old, Johanne has done everything from runway, print, lingerie and more. A woman of the world, Johanne is never in one place for too long. In fact, her favorite memories are the ones where she has her passport in hand and is exploring new cities. “All you need is love…and a passport,” she laughs. In fact, her favorite experience to date was in Marrakech. “We were out in the desert in this little local village with houses made out of dust and earth,” she recalls. “No WiFi, TVs, toilets or electricity at all. For lunch, the locals prepared us freshly slaughtered chicken tagine with their home-grown vegetables. I loved it!”

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