Jordy Murray – Groovy Playmate

Playboy model, Jordy Murray is beautiful and free. A now bicoastal model, Jordy grew up in Sydney, Australia and she’s just as vibrant and beautiful inside as she is on the outside. After admitting that she was actually voted, “most free-spirited” in high-school, Jordy told us a little bit about herself. “When I was in school we moved around quite a bit,” she recalls of her upbringing. “I feel like having to learn to thrive in new environments instilled me with such a fierce sense of independence,” she says.

“I was born in New Jersey, and we lived in Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Michigan, Wisconsin and California before I graduated from high school early and went to live with a family in Sydney, Australia. After I’d grown up in so many places in rural and suburban America, Sydney felt special and dynamic. I ended up going to college there, and I got scouted by a modeling agency on campus when I was 17. It wasn’t long before I dropped out of school and moved to New York—during Fashion Week in February.”

“I’m rather fearless.” A hugely successful model, she began at the age of 18 thanks to her love of fashion. “I always cared a lot about clothing,” she gushes. That being said, she jumped on the possibility of Playboy when we asked her to shoot at Woodstock. “I’m always looking for a good music festival,” she laughs, on set. When she’s not modeling, you can usually find Jordy traveling, exploring good eats around New York City, or practicing different acts of wellness and self-care. “Just like style is not just what you wear, wellness isn’t just what you eat. It’s mental, spiritual and physical,” she begins. “The nutrition aspect is close to my heart, and the most fun!” Loving getting to know the wonderful Jordy? Check out her gorgeous pictorial, right here on Playboy Plus!