Lizzy Jagger

As the love child of the world’s most glamorous couple, model-actress Lizzy Jagger was born to be wild Story by Gavin Edwards Lizzy Jagger, daughter of rock legend Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall, says you have the wrong idea about her. “People assume that because I was brought up on Rolling Stones tours and my father is who he is, I’m some kind of rock-and-roll bad girl,” she says, giggling. “But I do like to have a bit of fun.” Here are some of Lizzy’s recent amusements: visiting the rain forest in Brunei and swinging from vines like Jane in a Tarzan movie, reading Scientific American and dressing up members of her brother’s band, Turbogeist, as Medusa and octopuses. “We’re very into the tentacle aesthetic,” she says. “I’m optimistic and loyal, and I persevere,” Lizzy says about herself. “And I’m giggly.” She says it’s a quality she inherited from her dad: “He’s a giggler as well. Both my parents are mature, sensible people, but they’ve kept their youth about them.”

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