Morgan Hovanek – Killer Babe

Morgan Hovanek manages to be the girl next door and a whirlwind world traveler at the same time. “I think my personality really comes from my experiences,” shares dark-haired, colorfully-tattooed Morgan. “I’m lucky to live a life chock-full of rich, rewarding experiences. I’ve been to Japan twice in the last year, and every winter, I go to the Caribbean with my family.” Raised on a ranch in Michigan, Morgan struggled at times with her surroundings—allergic to hay, she had to spend more time indoors than riding one of her family’s twenty horses. “Sometimes I felt like I just didn’t fit in,” she admits. “I will say, growing up in the country does have other benefits. We had lots of property and plenty of four-wheelers!” Now based in Dallas, Morgan enjoys herself no matter what—she loves playing Xbox with her roommates, Star Wars and cosplay, and excels at her latest hobby, modeling. “I contacted Jose Luis because I liked his photos,” she says. “He told me that I could be a Playboy model, and my jaw dropped. To think that I could be one of those women—a Playboy model—well, I just couldn’t believe it. I just turned 25, and I feel so lucky to be here!” Happily single, Morgan would rather play Xbox alone than go multiplayer, though she’s admittedly a sucker for fellow geeks. “If you have a good story to tell me, you’ve got me,” divulges Morgan. “It doesn’t hurt if you’re a bit of a bad boy, too!