Sophie O’Neil – Miss September 2019

Sophie O’Neil basks in the California sun for the first time in this gorgeous pictorial as our Miss September 2019. On location in Topanga with the photographer, Carlotta Kohl, this Englishwoman is loving the west coast heat. “I’m all about finding new places and seeing amazing views,” says Sophie. “I’d always wanted to see L.A., and I was able to during my Playboy shoot near Malibu. What I saw was lovely — I can’t wait to go back!”

Originally from Bexley, England, Sophie is used to being surrounded by nature, but she also has a deep wanderlust. “I live in a borough outside London called Bexley. It’s a nice place, and everyone is really lovely, but it’s a bit quiet — not too much going on,” she explains. “I don’t think I could stay [there.] I’m all about exploring!” Enjoy the gorgeous California landscape with the one and only, Sophie, right here on Playboy Plus!